New 2024 Nissan Frontier Price, Dimensions, Interior

New 2024 Nissan Frontier Price, Dimensions, InteriorNew Frontier pickup trucks have been unveiled for the first time in the United States. As of 2024 MY, the Frontier has undergone a significant makeover for the North American market. This one has the edge over the competitors in performance, competence, and technological innovation. As of 2024, the Nissan Frontier will look more up-to-date. It is based on the Nissan F-Alpha platform but modified to distinguish itself from other small pickups.

The Armada SUV’s sleek, contemporary design is based on this one, although it appears to be more robust and capable. Upon release, it is already the most attractive pickup truck available. In addition, the interior has high-end materials and cutting-edge technology. This game gives you the most up-to-date features for your fun and safety as standard equipment.

New 2024 Nissan Frontier
New 2024 Nissan Frontier

The Nissan Frontier 2024 model-year reimagining

Customers have well received the overall look and feel. Thanks to its 16-inch steel rims and halogen headlights, it emanates toughness that comes standard on the King Cab workhorse model. You get more exciting external features as you go up the price range. The PRO-4X’s top specification level includes 17-inch alloy wheels with lava red center caps, LED headlights, LED fog lights, and a Lava Red grille. The models above are the two extremes, with each model in between getting a little bit of both.

Nissan promotes the Frontier as a “just-sized” pickup truck. So, in a nutshell, the Frontier is a competitor in the midsize pickup truck market. Whether it’s commuting or weekend off-roading, it’s a perfect size. When paired with a crew cab, the King Cab’s 6.1-foot-long bed can be utilized to haul debris instead of the crew cab’s five-foot mattress.

Like before, the Frontier is offered in crew cab and King Cab versions. Short-wheelbase models are only available for purchase, and their total length is only 210.2 inches, with a wheelbase of 126 inches. Depending on the trim level, its width and height can range from 73 inches to 71.4 to 72.1 inches. Although the S 4×4 has impressive off-road ratings, it’s the best choice if you intend to put your workhorse to the test. This model’s approach, break-over, and departure angles are all recorded at 31.4 degrees.

New 2024 Nissan Frontier interior
New 2024 Nissan Frontier interior


For a long term, the interior of the Nissan Frontier stayed untouched. High-quality materials will be used in the new interior, scheduled for completion in 2024. Cabin design and ergonomics have been updated to make it seem ready to take off. From the driver’s seat, it’s simple to use the vehicle’s features. There are several controls on the steering wheel to make things easier for you. You’ll be able to see digital information on the dashboard. On a 9.0-inch touchscreen, you can now use the most up-to-date entertainment and help features, like Apple Car Play and Android Auto.

The zero-gravity chairs are installed in the front bucket seats to enhance the overall comfort. There are six positions of power and heating adjustment available in the centers. There’s plenty of leg space in the back of the Crew Cab model, which seats five passengers. At the Pro-4X level, synthetic leatherette upholstery is included as standard. Prior models’ cabins were of poorer quality to better compete with other pickup trucks on the market.

2024 Nissan Frontier  price
2024 Nissan Frontier price


Although most compact trucks have multiple powertrain options, the Frontier has only a single V6 engine and a nine-speed automatic transmission. Despite the engine’s sufficient power, some critics wish it had more zip. When shifting is desired, the ride is smooth, though occasionally unstable. Aside from a few minor flaws, the ride and handling of the Frontier are fantastic. Through turns, it maintains its poise thanks to minimal body lean and a comfortable ride, even on rough pavement. With its hefty steering, the Frontier is more difficult to maneuver than other vehicles on the market.

Most small trucks have more fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines, even though this Nissan has a V6. According to EPA estimates, real-wheel-drive Frontier models earn 18 mpg, while four-wheel-drive vehicles get 17/22 mpg in the city and highway, respectively. These results are comparable to those of V6-powered rivals’ ratings.

The Release Date and Price of the 2024 Nissan Frontier

The larger, more powerful engines in the 2018 Nissan Frontier models make them extremely competitive, even though their prices are higher than last year’s Nissan Frontier models. The King Cab S starts at $27,840 for 4×2 and $31,040 for 4×4. In S trim, a crew cab costs $29,340 or $32,340. The King Cab and Crew Cab SV 4×2 and 4×4 variants cost $30,540 and $33,740. Only the Crew Cab body style is offered for the SV LWB variant. It costs $34,040 for the 4×2 version and $37,040 for the 4×4 version. It retails for $37,240 and is only offered in 4×4, is only available in 4×2 Crew Cab design, and is PRO-MSRP. X’s

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