New Honda Ridgeline 2024 MPG, Changes, Release Date

New Honda Ridgeline 2024 MPG, Changes, Release DateThe Honda Ridgeline is an excellent pickup vehicle in its class; the Honda Ridgeline has a lot to offer. Due to the Ridgeline’s unibody construction, it has the handling and rides qualities of an SUV rather than a clumsy pickup truck with body-on-frame construction. Inside, there is enough space for passengers in the back and a long list of convenience and safety features. Despite this, the touch-screen infotainment system is a pain in the neck. This Honda has fewer long-bed options than some of its rivals in the class, and its maximum towing capacity lags behind the segment’s leaders by more than a pound. The Ridgeline, on the other hand, is more than capable of handling most tasks. All in all, it’s challenging to find a better little truck.

If you’re looking for an SUV with an open-air bed attached, the Ridgeline is the best option. Only a V6 engine and all-wheel drive are offered in the Ridgeline, but many midsize pickups have rear-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and turbocharged or diesel engines. When you compare this Honda to other trucks that have the same features, it’s still a lot more expensive than other trucks in its class with the same features.

Honda Ridgeline New
Honda Ridgeline New

Redesign of the Honda Ridgeline for the year 2024

For the first term in the new decade, Honda decided to update the Ridgeline’s exterior in 2024. As a result, there are no exterior revisions for the 2024 Ridgeline. The Ridgeline’s general design is modern, compact, and essential, just like most Honda vehicles would appear to the company’s target audience. Currently, its design is based on the new Honda Passport, which gives it a more circular and well-known look.

A new metal-finished cross member rests on the front grille, redesigned upfront with an upgraded front grille and the new grille and hood. From the side, nothing has changed, but the elevated and new front designs also make the sides appear formal and unique. The vehicle’s rear has seen no significant modifications except for the bumper. There are two-wheel sizes available: 18-inch and 20-inch. This adds to the car’s looks even more.

Honda Ridgeline interior
Honda Ridgeline interior




The interior of the Ridgeline is the best in its class in terms of practicality and comfort. Like most midsize pickups, the Honda has hard plastic below the dashboard. Other than that, the materials are of adequate quality. Passengers in the back of this vehicle will have the most legroom among its midsize competitors. In particular, with the center console being so low, the addition of fold-down armrests on both front seats is a pleasant one. The only one-bed length for the Honda truck matches competitors’ small beds and has a volume of just 34 cubic feet, which is the second-lowest in its segment.

Its 7.3-cubic-foot in-bed trunk, which locks and is weather-tight, is the remedy to this inequity. The Ridgeline is the only midsize pickup truck capable of flat-loading a sheet of 4×8 construction material, thanks to its 50.0-inch wheel well-to-wheel well distance. Inside, the ingenious elements continue. It can accommodate a full-size bicycle when the back seat is lifted, thanks to its 60/40 split. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to carry bulky objects because the rear doors do not open widely.

Honda Ridgeline Release
Honda Ridgeline Release




The 3.5-liter V6 engine in every Ridgeline generates 280 horsepower and 262 lb-ft of torque. The standard nine-speed automatic transmission is particularly adept at providing good low-end torque, making it capable of fast sprinting from a stop and cruising at more incredible speeds. The EPA estimates city fuel economy for the V6-powered 2022 Ridgeline at 18 mpg and highway fuel economy at 24 mpg. With a six-cylinder engine and four-wheel drive, those numbers are in line with those of other compact pickup trucks with six-cylinder engines. While the competition offers better fuel economy than the Honda Civic Hybrid, it does it with a smaller engine and rear-wheel drive/diesel drivetrain combination.

The Honda Ridgeline isn’t the most fuel-efficient pickup truck because it relies on a normally aspirated gas engine. Despite this, the figures aren’t terrible because the machine has a modest displacement for the segment. The vehicle now gets an EPA-rated 18/24/21 mpg in city, highway, and combined cycles, which is marginally better than the heavier rivals, including the Chevrolet Colorado in V6 configuration (the Ridgeline was available with FWD until the 2020 model year). However, Ford’s Ranger is the clear winner in fuel economy, outpacing the Honda in both city and combined cycles by several points. The 19.5-gallon gasoline tank on the Ridgeline allows it to go up to 410 miles before stopping at a gas station.

The release date and price of the Honda Ridgeline in 2024.

This year’s Honda Ridgeline is the most expensive compact pickup truck, starting at $36,890. Class rivals are typical $10,000 less expensive than their more expensive counterparts. The difference between the Ridgeline and the competition narrows with the addition of a crew cab (which comes standard on the Ridgeline), but the Honda is still more expensive. Three more trim levels of the Ridgeline begin at $39,870; $42,820; and $44,320.

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